Are you looking to join a fast-growing team at the earliest stage? Are you passionate about blockchains, open-source software & financial software and want to have an impact on a space that is still in its infancy: Decentralized Finance? Are you a hands-on person that knows how to guide users through new products and can manage multiple projects in parallel? We are looking for an Account Manager to join our team at Centrifuge.

About the company:

Centrifuge's purpose is to dismantle the existing financial infrastructure, strip it down and reassemble it for the 21st century. With Centrifuge we have launched a Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol that allows companies to access bankless liquidity.

Our users are on both sides: companies that want to finance assets (such as invoices, mortgages or streaming revenue) using DeFi, and investors that are interested in investing in such on-chain portfolios. This is an operational role that will focus on combining cutting edge tech, finance, business and project management skills to make our partners and their asset pools a success for the community.

About the team:

The Centrifuge team is a team of 14 people across different locations with the majority based in Berlin. Our culture is important to us and we value diverse backgrounds and origins. Given equal qualifications, candidates that increase diversity will be preferred.

You will be the first person to complement our team with a strong operational focus combining roles that are being held separate today. You will work closely with our BizDev and Product team to help companies move down our growing business funnel and be a substantial part of successfully converting prospects. You will be involved in building out customer relationships and improving their user experience. You will help identify the most impactful ways to establish a smooth onboarding process with the limited resources we have as a startup. The responsibilities might require flexible working hours.

In this position your responsibilities and tasks involve:

  • Communicating knowledge:
    • Be the first point of contact for our partners
    • Support in writing investor documentation, marketing collateral and thought leadership documentation for innovative FinTech solutions 3.0
    • Work with us on identifying user pain points and improve the user experience
  • Managing the launch of new financing pools:
    • Be an active partner in the deployment phase of their financing pool
    • Communicate with the right internal technical teams and business development to find solutions
    • Engage with the partner to understand and explore future business needs
  • Onboarding our partners to DeFi and our tech stack
    • Help setup dApp basics such as using Metamask or a hardware wallet, help our users navigate Etherscan, or set up a fiat on/off ramp, etc.
    • Support them in managing their on-chain credit fund and help them add collateral, draw funds, etc.
    • Onboard investors and manage relationships


  • You have experience in explaining technologically complicated products to unsophisticated end-users
  • You have an understanding of common financial products such as collateralized lending
  • You are passionate about blockchain, have used DeFi dApps before and believe in the opportunity of decentralization and blockchains to change how the financial world works today.
  • You have an interest in working in a self organizing environment and bring creativity to start your own initiatives within Centrifuge

There is no preferred work location. You can work remotely, or join our teams in Berlin, Germany or NYC, US.