Are you looking to join a fast-growing team? Are you passionate about blockchains, open-source software & financial software and want to have an impact on a space that is still in its infancy: Decentralized Finance?

Centrifuge’s purpose is to dismantle the existing financial infrastructure, strip it down, and reassemble it for the 21st century. With Centrifuge, we have launched a Decentralized Asset Financing Protocol that allows companies to access bankless liquidity.

Our users are on both sides: companies that want to finance assets (such as invoices, mortgages or streaming revenue) and investors that are interested in investing in such on-chain portfolios.

We have a welcoming, agile and experienced team of start-up veterans, finance professionals and skilled developers and offer competitive compensation based on your skills, not your gender or background. Our team members are self-starters, we have flat hierarchies and welcome ideas and contributions beyond your job description.

We are looking for an experienced frontend engineer to build applications that interact with our blockchain. Our frontends are written in Typescript, using React, Redux, Next.js and Apollo/GraphQL. We follow best practices in state management, modularization and keep our tech stack up to date in a monorepo, providing a great developer experience. The blockchains and decentralized technologies you will interact with are: Parity Substrate/Polkadot, Ethereum, The Graph and more.

All our work is open source and focused on decentralization. Some links to technical details about Centrifuge, our mission & vision, and recent updates.

You are an experienced developer, have worked with React and care about user experience. You want to join a team of experienced technologists and business people, who really care about writing high quality, open-source systems that solve real problems. You are self-motivated and don't need many directions to get a job done together with your teammates. We are knowledgeable, curious, and nice people, who have a shared vision to re-shape the world of business software. We would love to hear from you if this feels like a good home for you.

About the team:

The Centrifuge team is a team of 14 people across different locations with the majority based in Berlin. Our culture is important to us and we value diverse backgrounds and origins. Given equal qualifications, candidates that increase diversity will be preferred.


  • Create and maintain our Dapp hosted at
  • Bring financially and technically challenging products to crypto-experts and novices alike.
  • Optimize UI/UX of our frontends based on user feedback.
  • Architect and implement new features that are enabled by advances in our blockchain stack.
  • Work closely with our UI designer for clean yet stunning designs..
  • Build software with TypeScript, occasionally working with tools and applications that support the Frontend (e.g. The Graph—a data layer that aggregates and indices data from Ethereum—or our user dashboard).
  • Work on our open-source codebase together with internal and external contributors.
  • Support the Centrifuge network overall, with a focus on users.
  • Prioritize scalability, security, and ease of deployment for our end-users.
  • Drive your projects from inception to completion by owning your own deliverable and collaborating with your teammates.


  • You love being at the forefront of fast-moving user interfaces and are comfortable working in flat hierarchies under agile development and quickly changing requirements.
  • You have 5+ years of professional software development experience.
  • You professionally developed software written in TypeScript for 2+ years.
  • You are passionate about user experience and love working with smart, nice people.
  • A strong and proven computer science or computer engineering background.
  • Track record of high quality, well-crafted code that has been used in production environments.

A plus:

  • You were involved in designing the architecture of complex frontends and saw them through to production deployment.
  • You have integrated frontends with decentralized technologies such as Ethereum, libp2p, etc.
  • You have authored or been a major contributor to open source projects in the frontend space.
  • You have written and maintained large scale end-to-end tests using browser automation such as Selenium/Puppeteer.
  • Leadership and architecture experience are a plus, knowledge of finance won’t hurt.